Tips Payment and Receive System

The core objective of this project is to revolutionize the tipping transaction process through digital means, thereby improving the efficiency and transparency of the entire service industry.

About Us

TPRSC Technology Architecture

TPRSC support NFC Payment Technology / QR-Code payment method / Face Recognition Payment System.The core objective of this project is to revolutionize the tipping transaction process through digital means, thereby improving the efficiency and transparency of the entire service industry.

TPRSC's Market Positioning and Value


Fast Transaction Processing: TPRSC makes cross-border payments faster as it enables almost real-time transaction confirmation through blockchain technology, significantly reducing the time required for traditional bank transfers.


Device Compatibility: TPRSC supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, almost any device with an internet connection can conduct TPRSC transactions.

Store of Value

Potential appreciation: As the total issuance of TPRSC is limited, its value is likely to increase over time as market acceptance grows.

Road Map

  • 2024 Q1~Q4

    Infrastructure and Market Entry
    Q1-Q2:Complete the basic development of the system.
    Q3:Started small-scale market testing
    Q4: Formally release TPRS and conduct initial marketing activities.
  • 2025 Q1~Q4

    Functionality Expansion and User Growth
    Q1: Initial optimization of system features based on user feedback.
    Q2: Add new user-friendly features.
    Q3: Begin to expand market coverage and establish deeper tie-ups with the hotel and restaurant industry
    Q4: Further increase user base and enhance marketing through social media and offline events
  • 2026 Q1~Q4

    Optimization and consolidation of market position
    Q1: Focus on in-depth optimization of user experience
    Q2: Enhance system stability and security.
    Q3: Launch comprehensive marketing campaigns.
    Q4: Deepen partnerships and strengthen collaboration with key industry leaders.
  • 2027 Q1~Q4

    Innovation and Diversification
    Q1-Q2: Introduce innovative technologies ,enhance user services and big data analysis to optimize system decision-making.
    Q3: Expand service scope and explore new application scenarios.
    Q4: Strengthen collaboration with industry leaders to explore new partnership models and business opportunities.
  • 2028 Q1~Q4

    International Expansion & Ecological Construction
    Q1-Q2: Start exploring and laying out in overseas markets.
    Q3: Launch services in key international markets and establish local partner networks.
    Q4: Improve the global service ecosystem.

Meet Our Experts

Nathan Matthews

Nathan Matthews

Nathan has 20 years of hands-on experience in the cybersecurity field. He holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and previously worked at Palo Alto Networks, where he focused on the development of firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Lans Douglas

Lans Douglas

Lans is an algorithm researcher with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Chicago. He has done excellent research in both natural language processing and machine vision, and has worked at Nvidia, where he has driven several deep learning projects.

Samuel Wright

Samuel Wright

Samuel is a veteran database administrator with deep technical experience in MySQL and PostgreSQL. He received his degree from the University of Florida and has worked on Uber's data team, managing large-scale data infrastructures.

Jeremy Richardson

Jeremy Richardson

Jeremy holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. He has over 10 years of experience in big data analytics and machine learning, with a specialization in complex data sets. Prior to joining the Tips Payment and Receive System program, he worked as a Senior Data Scientist at Salesforce, where he led several successful projects.

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